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Chorum Technologies
CEO Scott Grout
Founded 1996
Employees 100
Richardson TX

MARKET Develops communications equipment for terabit-scale optical networks. Flagship product line,
PolarWave, includes dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) routers, switches, and processors
for increasing capacity and reliability of optical networks. The line also includes "optical slicers" that
incorporate LCD technology. Wavelengths of different frequencies pass through the crystal at varying
speeds, so the slicers can separate wavelengths without converting the light to electrical signals. The
slicers can be used in a range of applications, including upgrades to existing DWDM systems. By June,
12 optical networking equipment makers were testing company's products, which became commercially
available in fourth quarter 1999. Competes with Astarte Fiber Networks.

FINANCE Not profitable. Raised a second round of $17.2 million in November 1998 from Austin Ventures
and prior investors. Total capital raised: more than $24 million. CEO was previously vice president of
Lucent Technologies' optical networking group.