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Avici Systems
CEO Surya Panditi
Founded 1996
Employees 110
North Billerica MA

MARKET Develops backbone routers and switches. Company's initial product is a terabit switch-router
(TSR) that allows 320 Gbps of IP traffic to travel on a single fiber of an existing communications
system. In September, Deutsche Telekom began testing the TSR backbone platform for inclusion within
its network. Company targets communications service providers. Customers include GST
Telecommunications. Competes with Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, Newbridge Networks, and
Nexabit Networks (Lucent Technologies).

FINANCE Expects to become profitable by year-end 2001. Raised a third round of $40 million in
September 1999 from the Sprout Group, J.P. Morgan, Meritech, Accel Partners, Brentwood, Comdisco,
and Oak. Total capital raised: about $110 million. Plans an initial public offering in second quarter 2000.
CEO was previously a vice president at US Robotics.